Kalpana Kotagal Same Today as Yesterday, Wants to Destroy Fossil Fuels

Tuesday, May 31, 2022 // Research

Kalpana Kotagal wants to destroy fossil fuels. By doing so, she wants the United States to be completely neutered and dependent on foreign regimes to supply the U.S. with energy. This not only hurts our national security capabilities, but it places Americans in the hands of the Middle East and China to supply electricity to […]

DAILY WIRE: New Yorker Writer Blasts Effective Watchdog Group For ‘Targeting’ Biden Nominees

Monday, April 18, 2022 // Press

By Gabe Kaminsky, Apr 17, 2022, A writer for The New Yorker argues in a recent article that a watchdog group vetting Joe Biden’s nominees is doing so with occasional “racial overtones,” and laments the nonprofit’s “obstructionism” of what critics call the president’s “radical” agenda. The piece, published Saturday and written by Jane Mayer, […]

Biden Ambassador Nominations Linked to History of Democrat Donations   

Tuesday, April 5, 2022 // Research

Research Memorandum Many of the Biden administration’s ambassador nominees have a long history of significant campaign contributions to Biden’s 2020 campaign and other Democratic campaigns and PACs. Six of the pending ambassador nominees going up for confirmation have totaled $12,732,825.10 in campaign contributions throughout their careers. President Biden publicly promised to break from the practice […]

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