Your Tips Can Help Save the Republic!

The American Accountability Foundation (AAF) encourages individuals with information about or documents showing the illegal, fraudulent, or unethical operations of our government to share that information with AAF so we can publicize it. As Justice Brandaeis pointed out, sunlight is the best of disinfectants. If you do not let us know about the corruption in government or how bureaucrats and politicians are using the mechanisms of government to destroy the traditional values we all hold dear, then we will have to watch the nation we love slowly destroyed.

AAF will protect your anonymity. Sign up for an encrypted ProtonMail account and send us an email at: [email protected]. As a news gathering and publishing organization we will never reveal our sources and will refuse to turn them over to government bureaucrats.

If you’d prefer to send us paper copies of please send them to:

American Accountability Foundation
300 Independence Ave SE
Washington DC 20003

You can also call a member of our team at (202) 495-0720‬.