Dilawar Syed

Dilawar Syed, of California, to be Deputy Administrator of the Small Business Administration.

On Board of Emgage Action That Threatens Peace in the Middle East With Hate Filled Anti-Semitism

  • RESEARCH: Dilawar Syed is on the board of an activist organization which supports the fringe Boycott, Divest, Sanctions (BDS) movement, threatening peace in the Middle East between Israel and Palestine.
  • FREE BEACON: Syed sits on board of hateful, fringe group comparing Israel to an “apartheid” state. 
  • Sen. Josh Hawley: Anti-semitic rhetoric must be renounced.

    “Dilawar Syed was a director for an organization that has engaged in anti-Semitic rhetoric, including amplifying false statements that Israel is an ‘apartheid state.’ This rhetoric is disgusting and inexcusable. Mr. Syed must renounce this hateful rhetoric and explain his association with this organization. The Small Business Committee must convene a hearing to ask Mr. Syed about these actions and determine whether he is fit to serve.”