Amber Faye McReynolds

Amber Faye McReynolds to be a Governor of the United States Postal Service for a term expiring December 8, 2026.

Amber McReynolds is not an “Independent” or “non-partisan” as Biden and his liberal allies would like you to believe. Her organization furtively hides its left-wing affiliations after her nomination was announced, and she personally supports Democrats at the ballot box and with her own money. Liberals want to control the future of elections and nominating liberal Democrat Amber McReynolds to the Postal Board is one mechanism.

  • McReynolds’ only FEC contribution is to a Democrat in a national Senatorial race
  • She voted in at least one Democratic primary and hides what party ballot she voted with in three others
  • She is closely aligned with several left-wing advocacy and activist organizations

Ties to Democrats and Liberal Causes, Not an Independent

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