Pamela Karlan

Pamela Karlan is the 2nd highest political appointee for Biden inside the Civil Rights Division, which is run by controversial appointee Kristen Clarke. Karlan holds the position of Principle Deputy Assistant Attorney General (PDAAG) and immediately upon arriving at the Department of Justice unleashed a fury of assaults against Americans engaged in securing elections.


Karlan Paid $1 million as an Appointee in Federal Government

  • While average Americans are struggling with soaring inflation, Pamela Karlan is enjoying a law professor’s salary far above the norm — a salary that likely puts her among the highest paid people serving in the federal government. **Full article here**

Karlan Opposed and was Angry About SCOTUS Partial Birth Abortion Ruling

  • In a video from 2007 that featured a discussion on the Supreme Court’s ruling in Gonzalez v. Carhart, which upheld the ban on partial-birth abortions, Pamela Karlan scoffed at the Court’s decision for referring to mothers as “the mother” and abortionists as “abortionists.” Karlan also scoffed at unborn children being referred to as “unborn children,” rather than her preferred word — “fetuses.”Pamela Karlan has used her perch as a liberal academic to push a radical, anti-life agenda.

Karlan Helped Mexican Citizen Convicted of a Sex Crime with Minor Re-Enter U.S. After Deportation

  • Karlan Co-Authored a Supreme Court Brief in Support of a Deported Mexican Citizen Convicted of “Unlawful Sexual Intercourse with a Minor who is More than Three Years Younger than the Perpetrator.”