Kristen M. Clarke

Kristen Clarke supports cop-killers, is anti-police, consorts with bigots, and accuses black single mothers of raising criminals. Not someone fit to lead the Civil Rights Division at the Department of Justice.

FBI Failed to Properly Vet Clarke

Research: In its own independent investigation of Clarke, AAF learned that police reported to Clarke’s Maryland home on six occasions for domestic violence calls. To gain further clarity into the matter, AAF contacted Clarke’s ex-husband, Reginald Avery. As part of ensuring conversations, Avery stated that he had never once been interviewed by the FBI. This fact was confirmed to AAF by Congressional staff.

Anti-Police Tweets

Article Comparing Police to KKK Shared by Clarke

Clarke Thinks Supporting the Police is Polarizing and Unacceptable

Clarke Thinks the NYPD Cop is the Same as Neo-Nazi Murder

Anti-Police Activities

Contradicts Herself on Signature Verification

Bigotry and Anti-Semitism