Congress Being Asked to Confirm Planned Parenthood Employee to Key Health Care Post

Friday, March 12, 2021 // Research

Recently it was announced that Chiquita Brooks-LaSure was nominated by President Biden to lead the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). CMS is one of the most important federal agencies setting health care policy for the federal government, and to a lesser degree, but still quite significantly, for state governments.   

When it comes to issues affecting the protection of lives of unborn babies, CMS, particularly through the Medicaid program, can have a significant impact on the funding for abortion providers and the vibrancy of the abortion industry.  As Representative Vicky Hartzler points out the federal government sends $600 Million per year to abortion provider Planned Parenthood, money which President Trump worked to eliminate while he was in office.

While President Biden touted Brooks-LaSure’s history working in the Obama Administration and working for the Department of Health and Human Services, what he failed to note was that she is literally on the payroll of the abortion provider Planned Parenthood.  

As part of going through the process to be considered by the United States Senate, nominees must file a Form 278, “Public Financial Disclosure Report” with the Office of Government Ethics.  This document, among other things, requires nominees to disclose sources of income greater than $5000 during the preceding year.  Unfortunately for Americans who want to protect life, Brooks-LaSure disclosed that she’s bought and paid for by abortion providers. 

Specifically she stated that she:

“Summarized Democrat candidates’ position on women’s health and facilitated discussion on their priorities as a primary care provider (client of Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, LLP).”  

Basically this is Washington-speak for using her position at her law firm to coordinate strategy with Democratic politicians on Planned Parenthood between the Biden campaign and elected officials in Washington. It is basically a lobbying position without having to be disclosed as a lobbyist.  

As an interesting aside, Manatt also lists Dignity Health, aka Catholic Health West, on its website at one of its health care clients. 

Importantly, Dignity opposes abortions and refuses to perform the procedures at their hospitals.

“For Dignity Health, respecting the dignity of persons requires reverence at every stage of life’s journey from conception to natural death. Therefore, direct abortion is not performed. “

Brooks-Lasure’s business relationship with abortion provider Planned Parenthood raises some serious questions that Congress should get answers to before they ever consider giving her a hearing before the Senate Finance Committee.  

Specifically the following questions need to be answered before her hearing.

  1. How much did Planned Parenthood pay Brooks-Lasure. 
    • What documents, events, or other work product did she create for Planned Parenthood and when will copies of it be furnished to the Senate Finance Committee. 
  2. What promises has she made to Planned Parenthood for her new position at CMS. 
  3. Will she recuse herself from all CMS & HHS activities involving Planned Parenthood since she has had a financial relationship with the organization.
  4. Did she and her firm disclose to their client Dignity Health, who has a well known conscience-based objection to abortion, that their firm was a leading provider of services to enable and enhance the abortion industry in America.